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An estimated 2.1 million people under the age of 18 were arrested in the United States according to government statistics. Police officials interrogate millions of young people, some of them pleading guilty without understanding the consequences. Many of them are unrepresented in court and end up with a juvenile record.

If your child was arrested for committing a crime, contact an experienced Fairbanks juvenile criminal defense lawyer. Spaulding Law P.C. is available 24 hours a day, and as a former prosecutor who has practiced law in the lower 48, I have the trial experience to fight for your child’s future. I’ve handled hundreds of cases like yours. When people are in trouble in Fairbanks, they turn to me because they know they’ll be in good hands.

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Common Types of Juvenile Offenses

The United States Department of Justice complied research about the most common types of juvenile crimes, offenses, and violations.

Below are the top 5 juvenile crimes nationwide:

  1. Theft and larceny: Includes shoplifting, stealing personal property, or stealing from lockers in school property.
  2. Vandalism: Includes tagging and graffiti, drawing on public restrooms, keying a car, or cutting auto tires.
  3. Alcohol offenses: Includes the purchase or possession of alcohol and consumption of alcohol. It also includes providing alcohol to other people underage and the possession of an open container in public or a car.
  4. Disorderly conduct: Includes fighting in a public place or cursing at a teacher. It also includes flashing, mooning, and indecent exposure.
  5. Assault and battery: this includes bullying that amounts of assault—such as harassment or hazing. This also includes injuring or threatening another person or attempting to harm them.

What is the Youngest Age a Person Can Go To Juvie?

In Alaska, there is no youngest age a person can go to Juvie. Juvenile court has jurisdiction over offenses allegedly committed prior to the youth’s 18th birthday; after age 18, the youth is charged in adult court. A disposition order can retain jurisdiction over youth until age 19, provided that the offense allegedly committed occurred before the youth turned 18. Youths can still be tried as adults depending on the following factors:

  • Discretionary judicial waiver: The juvenile court has original jurisdiction over these cases, but the Department of Health and Social Services or the youth may file a petition requesting the court to waive jurisdiction if the youth “probably cannot be rehabilitated by treatment . . . before reaching 20 years of age.”
  • Statutory exclusion: Alaska law specifies certain offenses committed by a youth aged 16 or older that require the youth to be “charged, held, released on bail, prosecuted, sentenced, and incarcerated in the same manner as an adult.”

When Do Juvenile Cases Go To Court?

The police officer will transfer a case to juvenile court, and then the juvenile court (usually a probation officer) takes over. The probation officer may decide to dismiss the case, handle it informally, or petition the case.

The probation officer will consider the following when deciding if the case should be taken to juvenile court:

  • The severity of the case
  • The juvenile’s age
  • The juvenile’s records
  • The evidence presented
  • The juvenile’s social history
  • The parent’s ability to control the juvenile’s behavior

An average of 55% of juvenile cases are handled through a formal proceeding. This is why it is vital to have an experienced juvenile crimes attorney by your family’s side.

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Whether or not your child has a prior criminal record, their future is at stake. An experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney will be able to defend your child’s rights to prevent them from carrying around a criminal record for the rest of their life.

For a Fairbanks juvenile criminal defense attorney, contact Spaulding Law P.C. today for a free case review. I will be able to explain the different legal options available for your child’s case. I have handled hundreds of cases successfully with a decade of trial and courtroom experience.

I defend the accused in Fairbanks, throughout Alaska, and in Washington. Contact me today for a free case review:​​​​​​ (907) 312-1300!


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  • Single Misdemeanor Conviction
    Client Charged with Multiple Felonies Convicted of a Single Misdemeanor Following Three Week Trial
  • Single Count of Assault 3
    Indicted on Attempted Murder, Convicted of Assault 3
  • Reduced Sentencing
    Prosecution Argued for 10-year Sentence, Client Sentenced to 2.5-years
  • Murder Aquittal
    Following a two week trial, Attorney Spaulding's client was acquitted of murder.
  • Charges Dismissed
    Reckless Driving Charge Dismissed
  • Charges Dismissed
    Two Counts of Assault Dismissed
  • Charges Dismissed
    Client's Charges Dismissed After Motion to Suppress Due to a Bad Search
  • Charge Dismissed
    Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances Charge Dismissed

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