Spaulding Law P.C. Represents Fairbanks Man Acquitted of Sexual Assault

Attorney Spaulding, of Spaulding Law P.C., is dedicated to fighting for the rights and freedoms of every client. Recently, Attorney Spaulding took on the case of Allan Michael Brooks, who was wrongfully accused and charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Because of the defense work of Attorney Spaulding, Brooks was acquitted of all charges. For more case details, continue reading.

In March 2020, former National Guard member, Allan Michael Brooks, was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual assault. Brooks was falsely accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.

Brooks admitted himself to Bassett Army Community Hospital due to suicidal thoughts.

Because of supposed claims that Brooks made while in the hospital, Fort Wainwright police contacted Alaska State Troopers and an investigation ensued.

A police investigation revealed that Brooks did have contact with the presumed victim. Brooks was at the alleged victim's home when she took medication and fell asleep. But simply being somewhere does not equate to guilt.

In August 2021, the jury was selected. Shortly thereafter, the trial began and opening arguments were made. The prosecution asserted that: Brooks raped the supposed victim while she was asleep, and when she woke, Brooks told her to take an emergency contraceptive.

The trial lasted eight days. After brief jury deliberation, Brooks was unsurprisingly found not guilty. The Fairbanks jury acquitted Brooks of three counts of felony sexual assault.

Spaulding Law P.C. is here to help those who have been wrongfully accused of committing a crime. In this case, an innocent man was able to clear his name, which is why Spaulding Law P.C. exists– to protect the constitutional rights and civil freedoms of all clients.

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